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Shipping & Delivery

You found that awesome deal! How long will it be till you can rock that swanky new outfit? Please note that every order at Rack Tribe will take one or two days for the vendor to ship out and additional time for the shipping company to deliver, depending on which shipping option you picked.

Here are a few things to consider while you wait for your order:
  • We ship in business days. Monday - Friday, excluding national holidays.
  • Shipping starts from the date you received the “Your Order Has Shipped!” email.
  • Although the vast majority of our customers will get their orders by the day listed above, actual timeframes may vary from region to region.
So when do you contact Rack Tribe? You may email us anytime through our customer service email located in CONTACT US tab. Even if your order hasn’t arrived by the listed date, it’s probably still on its way (and worth the wait).
  1. How much is shipping?

    Once you’ve clicked through to Secure Checkout, you can enter your delivery address and choose a shipping method. Shipping costs are calculated on the bottom of the page. It will show you three shipping options you can choose from. These three shipping options also give you different price and shipping speed.

  2. Shipping & Tracking?

    Yes, tracking information will be sent to you once the vendor receives your order and prepares it for shipping. If you have not received tracking information, please contact us. We rely on a global network of shipping partners (UPS, FedEx, DHL) as well as USPS to get your order to your doorstep as soon as possible. For this reason, tracking is not always available. If your order is being sent by a trackable service, these details will be included on your orders page as well as on the shipping email you receive.

  3. Where does my order ship from?

    Your order will ship from the store that has the merchandise. You can purchase from multiple stores and receive separate packages, or do all your shopping from one store and receive it at the same time.

  4. Returns:

    If you don’t like an item, please contact Customer Service right away. In the Subject line please input RETURN and your name. In your message, please indicate Receipt/Invoice number and why you would like to return your item.

    • For Example:
    • Is it due to misinformation on the site?
    • It did not fit
    • You did not like it once it arrived
    • other
    • PLEASE NOTE: Items must be returned in the same conduction it was sent in. If it seems Item has been damaged or not in the same condition it was sent then the request for return/payment will be denied.

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